Job hunting house at Kamikitazawa

Big and pop house!

*Please promise to our rule for living.
*It is assumed that we have a large number of applications from January to April.Please not that in some cases we close reseption suddenly.Application is here

Advantages of job hunting house at Kamikitazawa>
1.Student job seekers can exchange information each other!
2.You can receive interview measures & ES correction free.
3.You can meet various encounters(for example,student job seeker friends & OBOG).It is a precious opportunity only in Tokyo.

<Outline> price:
dormitory room A:¥36,000yen/month
dormitory room B:¥41,000yen/month
*Please contact us if you use house short time.We can arrange room for you.We can introduce low price guest house too.
*In some cases the price will change.
*Room is separated by gender.
Article:Solitary house

place:8minutes walk from Kamikitazawa staion of Keio line.
capacity:max 20persons
access:convenient from Shinjuku station(16minutes),Shibuya station(16minutes).
equipment for dormitory room:bed,air conditioner,heater,power source for each bed
common utility:kitchen,shower room,bathroom,refrigerator,cookware,microwave,rice cooker,tableware,electric pot,television,washing machine,WiFi,iron,dryer

<notice of house>
It is a house share house in the exclusive residential area ♪
On the second floor there is a stylish lounge-style living, also has been enhanced equipment.
It is only student job seekers to live share house,so they can easily exchange information!
I recommend you book accommodation early on.

<notice of surrounding areas>
Kamikitazawa station on the way there is shopping mall ,so there is convenience stores, drug stores, anything such as photo studio!
<how to use>
1.Apply from the following form
2.Have a look at a share house(a person who wants)

3.You can book it after paying us into our account by cash or paypal.
4.When you arrive at the near station from share house you want to stay ,we pick up and lead you there.
5.It is possible to extend your stay.
If you have any questions,please contact below.
Application is here