We started 【Skype online tour】

skype-online-tourWe started 【Skype online tour】

~Before coming to Japan,it is possible to observe share house on the internet using by skype.~

The details are as follows.

Date & time:manage participants &dates at all times
Open to the object:【Koenji share house】【Omote-sando share house】【Itabashi share house】【Ojima share house】
Place:On the internet using by skype
Participant:People who will just use share house for job hunting from now on
Application:Please apply from the following application

[Application for Skype online tour] This form is written by English or Japanese.
Foreigner who can speak English or Japanese somewhat is able to apply for the form.
Language level:TOEIC550 or more,TOEFL iBT57 or more,TOEFL CBT163 or more ,TOEFL PBT490 or more,Japanese language examination grade 4(N4) or more.

【Date of Skype online tour】

【Job hunting house you want to observe】









【School year(*)】

【How did you know this website?】
In the case you knew by introducer,please write the person's name in blank column.
 facebook word of mouth search engine twitter introducer University the other

If you want to stay house immediately please write below

【Date of moving into house】


【register email magazine for job hunting(free)】

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