How to use/Reservation

We will support as soon as possible for those who want use our share house from tomorrow.Please call us if you are in a hurry.(03-6416-0209)

<How to use>

1.Apply from the following form
2.Have a look at a house(a person who wants)
3.You can book it after paying us into our account by cash or paypal.
4.When you arrive at the near station from share house you want to stay ,we pick up and lead you there.
5.It is possible to extend your stay.
<Accommodation fee>

30days stay JPY 32,000〜48,000 (a half single room→52,000)
21days stay JPY 29,000〜41,000
14days stay JPY 20,000〜29,000
7days stay JPY 12,000〜16,000
1day stay JPY 2,000〜 at guest house we introduce
*The processing fee will be charged at the first payment if you stay more than one month. (JPY 5,000)
*Pease ask when you want to know details.
*This price includes utility expenses,communication charge,deposit,key money.
We don’t prepare daily necessaries(ex;shampoo),so please bring your own.
A list of our houses

If you cannot send this application form,please use following E-mail address.(









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【How did you know this website?】
In the case you knew by introducer,please write the person's name in blank column.
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If you want to stay house immediately please write below

【Date of moving into house】

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